Women’s Conference by Kay Humble

Sandy and I attended the Women’s Conference today with the women from Bro. Witmer’s  church.  We were blessed.  Sandy’s grandmother and her cousin were there.  When we walked in and sat down in the chapel, she saw them on the other side of the room.  She was delighted to see them and had had no expectation of knowing anyone there.  Later on, after lunch, the leader of the conference spotted her and placed her as one of the children she had worked with in the past there at the campground.  Sandy had stated going in that she had pleasant memories from going there as a child.  She had no idea her former counselor would be there or that she would be one of the leaders of the conference.   

God has such beautiful plans for all of us.   Of note, Sandy just decided she would go with me within the last two days.  She turned down my initial invitation.  We were both blessed beyond measure. 

Unfortunately, the young woman who Brother Witmer had in mind for the house, has relapsed.  She did not come today.  I told Mrs. Witmer that we would be in prayer for her.  I passed out all of my business cards and left a handbook and application with Mrs. Witmer.  

All of the women were interested in our facility and expressed a desire to come and tour at some point in the future.  Sandy shared a lot of her testimony at the lunch table and they were obviously blessed.  Sandy is very poised.  I think we will be hearing more from them.  Just wanted to share a little praise report with you.  We are so grateful to all of you for your service and for God’s call on your lives. Thank you for letting us serve God in this way.   Love to you all. Kay & Sandy

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